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What do the numbers in parentheses mean??

There is a base 10 system in which people judge how stoned they feel.  If it is a [1] then they are hardly feelin’ it, but a [9] is something entirely different.  You smell what I’m steppin in?

Hey guys long time no talk!

So my girlfriend is an INSANELY talented singer and she’s in a competition to play a festival in Rome. Since this is an old stoner blog, I feel like I should say that she doesn’t smoke but your guys’ support would still be so solid.

Watch the video then vote for her here.

Thanks everyone! I’ll do an update on what I’ve been up to sometime here in the next couple of days!


Long time no talk, eh?

So I’ve discovered I have a secret talent… Eating (who woulda thought!?)

For real tho, I entered myself into a legit chili eating competition in Florida and I need to get the top five number of votes to get accepted into the prelims. Here’s the link to vote for me, it would be really bad ass of you guys if you did because I could so win it.

Hope you guys are doin alright! Send some stoner story times and if I can figure this new tumblr layout shit I might post a couple for old times sake ;)




Hey everyone

Long time no see, sorry about that.  Thing is, I got busted and have had to abstain from smoking for the past six months.   I have a final hair follicle drug test to pass in August, and I’m back in the land of the living.  

I wanted to tell y’all that I’m about to document a way to beat these hair follicle tests.  My plan is to use hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation (I.e. working outside) to really lighten the melanin content of my hair.  As well as a significantly decreased rate of consumption of the drug, I will also strive to pass the THC through my metabolism as quickly as possible.  This will be done by heavy exercise that will effectively burn the fat molecules that the THC is stored in.    Finally, I’ll keep environmental factors in play, such as high humidity coupled with Head and Shoulders conditioner.  My theory is that the  pyrithione zinc in Head and Shoulders will aid in the sweating out process, equally if not greater than the high humidity.

Wish me luck, people.  I really want to just smoke without worrying about anything anymore.


hey guys

I’m pretty dankrupt right now and have been for a while. hope everyone that’s smoking is having a good time because it sucks over here :(


if i get 5000 followers i will shave my nuts and mix my pubes with some kush and smoke it while dancing to the newest chief keef song at that time

lets see it

There was a shooting at the rally in Denver :/
ahh shit that’s fucked up :/ not what I was thinking I’d get when I posted this

So… 4/20 stories

Lemme hear





is this some fire kush or a dead frog covered in dust?

this dat loud ribbit



is this some fire kush or a dead frog covered in dust?

this dat loud ribbit

Stevie here

Life’s good. I’ve stopped smoking as much as I used to (I smoked once in the past three weeks or so…?) but I’m pretty happy with things right now. For long time followers, you’ll know that I mostly smoked before bed to help me sleep. Now I read before bed and I just pass the fuck out, plus I’ve read a shit ton of awesome books from it. I just finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas today actually (fuck the movie the book’s so much better)

Even though I don’t smoke as much though I still love the drug. In fact I’m about to vape a nice bit, take a shower, and pass the fuck out.


Devin the Dude - Doobie Ashtray

I know I don’t post on here anymore but I figured since I’m already on for a minute might as well post some good music.