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May 04

hey guys

I’m pretty dankrupt right now and have been for a while. hope everyone that’s smoking is having a good time because it sucks over here :(

Apr 24


if i get 5000 followers i will shave my nuts and mix my pubes with some kush and smoke it while dancing to the newest chief keef song at that time

lets see it

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Apr 22

sentience-sapience replied to your post: So… 4/20 stories Lemme hear
There was a shooting at the rally in Denver :/
ahh shit that’s fucked up :/ not what I was thinking I’d get when I posted this

So… 4/20 stories

Lemme hear

Apr 14



Mar 07



is this some fire kush or a dead frog covered in dust?

this dat loud ribbit



is this some fire kush or a dead frog covered in dust?

this dat loud ribbit

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Mar 05

Stevie here

Life’s good. I’ve stopped smoking as much as I used to (I smoked once in the past three weeks or so…?) but I’m pretty happy with things right now. For long time followers, you’ll know that I mostly smoked before bed to help me sleep. Now I read before bed and I just pass the fuck out, plus I’ve read a shit ton of awesome books from it. I just finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas today actually (fuck the movie the book’s so much better)

Even though I don’t smoke as much though I still love the drug. In fact I’m about to vape a nice bit, take a shower, and pass the fuck out.


Jan 07

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Jan 02


Anonymous said: STEEEEEEEVIIEEEEEE SUP MANNN, how u been, buy an o thatd be nice

I’ve been chillen dude! I start school up again this coming Monday so I’m looking forward to that. Break was good though! Got to hang out with all my old friends and see family and all that good shit but the best part was probably being able to eat real food. Fuck everything about cafeteria food dude… But yeah I decided on the OG and I’m pretty psyched to be picking that up. The guy I’m buying from is actually an old friend and he keeps telling me how it’s some of the most beautiful stuff he’s ever seen haha.

Hey guys Stevie here

I’m gonna be buying an O here in the next couple days and wanted to get some feedback from you guys before spending that much… I’ve got one dude offering me either purple kush and then another with og kush or sweet tooth. Got to try out the purple stuff a couple days back and not gonna lie it knocked me on my ass for a minute haha.

Dec 27



Pretty baked.

Pretty baked.

Dec 26

cosmic--odyssey said: I dont know about you, but I spent my christmas morning eating pancakes, smoking a nice little bowl and watching the original fucking star wars on VHS. How about you? How was your christmas morning?

My family doesn’t celebrate christmas.  But yesterday morning was nice.  I had a bowl of cereal and played Halo 4.