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STEEEEEEEVIIEEEEEE SUP MANNN, how u been, buy an o thatd be nice

I’ve been chillen dude! I start school up again this coming Monday so I’m looking forward to that. Break was good though! Got to hang out with all my old friends and see family and all that good shit but the best part was probably being able to eat real food. Fuck everything about cafeteria food dude… But yeah I decided on the OG and I’m pretty psyched to be picking that up. The guy I’m buying from is actually an old friend and he keeps telling me how it’s some of the most beautiful stuff he’s ever seen haha.

Hello there, it is me again :) the hash has taken over my body and all is peace. I wish this peace to everyone, always! I hope you're all doing wonderfully <3 The velociraptors are coming through the wall again, damned moon!

The moon is stoned again, it can’t help the velociraptors.  

so you know how bong's get full of resin over time? like, not the slider or the downstem, but the bong itself? is it possible to scrape the bong and smoke the resin? or is it not like pipe resin? and if it's possible, how would you do so? a really long scraping tool?

Well, the bong my coworkers and I used this summer was always kept nice and clean, and always with fresh water.

But I’m a blog, not a cop; do what you want. 

Not a cop. 

Thoughts on Green Crack?

Well, I shower daily, and try to stay clean back there.  But I get that sometimes you don’t want to shower for a week, so some fungus might build up.  

So everytime after I smoke I get this sharp pain almost like a loose knife is in my right lung and when I cough very hard it intensifies it so much worse, do you know what this could be?

It sounds like a medical problem.  

It probably is a velociraptor clawing you in the lungs. 

Either way, you should see a professional in either of those fields. 

Your comics... Do you deliberately try to make pot users look completely retarded?

I don’t make any of them, if I did, they’d be tagged “mine”

Instead, other “pot users” (?)  make them for “pot users” (?) elsewhere to enjoy, and I am merely a vehicle to facilitate that.  

But, fair ignorance aside, you shouldn’t use that term, it’s incredibly derogatory, and as someone who was placed in special-education courses throughout my middle and high school years, I take offense to you referring to anyone as such.   Go be an asshole somewhere else.   

What are some songs on your stoner playlist?

I’ll give you one.  

This Is Not An Exit - Saves the Day

what are cookies some kids in my study hall were talking about them

Your school still has study hall?  

That’s cool, mine did away with it.  Instead, we had the block system, where we had four classes, same classes every day, for an hour and thirty minutes.  It was crazy.  It made school a lot more enjoyable when you had classes you liked, and a lot more miserable when you had classes you didn’t like. 

what about high sex made it suck? I can feel more and it makes it easier to get off plus orgasms are great when you are high.

No, the 9 moth gap of no sex sucks.  

The high sex happened nearly two years ago, I’ve never had better sex since then.  

eric, we all know what stevie looked like, but we have no idea as to what you look like. so do us ents a favor and let us see what our new overlord look like?

Oh, but you do.  I have a few pictures with Stevie hidden deep within the recesses of this blog.  I have been a shadow-broker for a while in this little experiment.  muahahahahahahahahahahahaha.    

Hey, i got tonsillitis around 3 days ago and i'm on penicillin for it, my throat feels a lot better than it did and i just wondered if you knew/thought it would be alright to smoke pot on penicillin haha? peace x

Well, penicillin is used to fight infection, so what you want to be cautious of is if marijuana lowers your body’s immune system to allow for infection to take hold.   

I wouldn’t be too concerned with the reaction to the medication as I would the physical effects of having hot smoke pass over your infected tonsils.  I’m not a doctor, but that sounds painful.

It’s your choice, buddy.   Do some research, call your doctor and ask.  

Smoking tonight to honor Stevie and welcome Eric.
Preparing a massive sesh tonight in your honor, Stevie. Godspeed, brother.
I play saxophone in the jazz band at my school and we had this African dude come in to our class to show us some African music, my part had this weird solo in it that I just couldn't do. One day after school we had rehearsal for like 3 hours than a two hour break and then more rehearsing. During the break my friends and I went to go smoke to "get the creative juices flowing," we ripped bong and went back to the rehearsal BAKED, I nailed my solo for the first time and everyone was pumped
If you want to rig up a vapo, then take a lightbulb. Break off the bottom part, knock all the shit in, then empty it out. Throw salt in the bulb and swirl it until it is devoid of white shit. Dump it out. Stick in your weed, screw a 2-liter bottle cap with a pen through it onto the end of the bulb, and carefully hold a flame under the glass, rotating and spinning the bowl until you see vape. Yes, it's a ghetto crack pipe, before you ask. No, I am not a tweaker.

*hollowed out pen

One of my friends actually told me how he did that back home. I wouldn’t recommend it because I’m sure there’re a shit ton of chemicals you’re still inhaling with that but if you’re gonna do it anyways at least be sure to clean it out reallllllllllllllly well before trying it. Also, don’t hold the flame under it too long or it’ll burn the weed and make it smell like you’re smoking which is pretty much why you’re most likely vaping in the first place.