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STEEEEEEEVIIEEEEEE SUP MANNN, how u been, buy an o thatd be nice

I’ve been chillen dude! I start school up again this coming Monday so I’m looking forward to that. Break was good though! Got to hang out with all my old friends and see family and all that good shit but the best part was probably being able to eat real food. Fuck everything about cafeteria food dude… But yeah I decided on the OG and I’m pretty psyched to be picking that up. The guy I’m buying from is actually an old friend and he keeps telling me how it’s some of the most beautiful stuff he’s ever seen haha.

Hello there, it is me again :) the hash has taken over my body and all is peace. I wish this peace to everyone, always! I hope you're all doing wonderfully <3 The velociraptors are coming through the wall again, damned moon!

The moon is stoned again, it can’t help the velociraptors.  

hey stevie/ hey new guy eric been following your blog for ages now, just wanted to ask. when you guys kick back, as canadians/americans, do you really peferr to smoke out of a bowl? because over here in england we seem to smoke way more rolls and joints that smoke bowls.. bongs are about the same. luv u guys xxx

Here in ‘Murica, we are a diverse group of many ethnicities and customs.  Truth is, we all find the journey more important than the vessel, so it doesn’t matter.

But I like smoking out of apples and eating them.  

Hey there fellow stoner! I have tried a few times to do that "time bomb" thing, both on my pipe and my bong. I can never get it to work! Have you successfully done it? We refer it as a the "candle bowl" here :) If you have, any tips? I feel like ive tried everything!

It might be about the order in which you assemble it?

Maybe pack the bowl with weed then stick the joint in?

when i'm really high with my friends and we watch a movie together one of my favorite things to do is figure out which character everyone is in the movie. it makes the movie tens times funnier bc then we just think of the person doing whatever happens in the movie. anyone else do this?
I just spent an hour looking through your blog and I'm not even stoned, yet.

I suggest that changes.

Pronto, girl.  

so you know how bong's get full of resin over time? like, not the slider or the downstem, but the bong itself? is it possible to scrape the bong and smoke the resin? or is it not like pipe resin? and if it's possible, how would you do so? a really long scraping tool?

Well, the bong my coworkers and I used this summer was always kept nice and clean, and always with fresh water.

But I’m a blog, not a cop; do what you want. 

Not a cop. 

i accidentally slept in past some of my classes today. i had a dream where there was this open stoner forum kinda like this blog. there was a discussion amongst everyone on the best way to pour syrup on waffles and some people even drew diagrams. there was also people talking about the best way to cut the waffles after youve poured syrup on them. but i woke up before i was given the answer....

Thoughts on Green Crack?

Well, I shower daily, and try to stay clean back there.  But I get that sometimes you don’t want to shower for a week, so some fungus might build up.  

So everytime after I smoke I get this sharp pain almost like a loose knife is in my right lung and when I cough very hard it intensifies it so much worse, do you know what this could be?

It sounds like a medical problem.  

It probably is a velociraptor clawing you in the lungs. 

Either way, you should see a professional in either of those fields. 

Just to inform you, today was official legalization for Washington, yet the state still deemed it illegal to buy, sell or redistribute weed until they come up with laws and regulations for the licensing to sell and grow. Which said could take up to a year. Wtf this is bullshit.

This bullshit is progress, my friend.  What did you think that the day after they pass the vote, the law goes into effect?  Oh no, that’s not how government works.  They need to go through the procedure of nullifying federal law before they can even hope to start working on licensing infrastructure.  

Right now, just keep doing your thing as normal, as if it were still illegal.  Patience is key.  

i've used a whole garbage can, and you can climb right up into it, and chill and just breathe in all the smoke. gets you crazy high.

Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ. 

are you gay Eric? don't take offense, just wondering. for some reason, a lot of the stoner blogs i follow are lead by gay admins lol.

I am not.  I am straight and incredibly picky.  Hahahaha

Help! Smoked some blue dream and my whole mouth went numb, normal or is there something going on!? :(

Normal? No.  Dangerous? No.  Get some ice water.  Drink it.  

eric we have only had you for a few days but i must say, you are one worthy successor to stevie. while we all miss Stevie the Blazed God, I'm glad you were the one chosen to lead us to bigger and higher places. This ones for you.

And this one that I’m currently packing is for you, sir.