Stoner Comics
Your comics... Do you deliberately try to make pot users look completely retarded?

I don’t make any of them, if I did, they’d be tagged “mine”

Instead, other “pot users” (?)  make them for “pot users” (?) elsewhere to enjoy, and I am merely a vehicle to facilitate that.  

But, fair ignorance aside, you shouldn’t use that term, it’s incredibly derogatory, and as someone who was placed in special-education courses throughout my middle and high school years, I take offense to you referring to anyone as such.   Go be an asshole somewhere else.   

We wander, passing though this universe. we have an ability to ground ourselves on anything that exist in the cosmos around us, yet we are bound to these body’s. planetary explores, with the ultimate potential of the bending of space and time are forever locked in out biological and physical potential. its ironic that the body so many people place as the highest priority, is im fact mankind’s ultimate potential.
What are some songs on your stoner playlist?

I’ll give you one.  

This Is Not An Exit - Saves the Day

what are cookies some kids in my study hall were talking about them

Your school still has study hall?  

That’s cool, mine did away with it.  Instead, we had the block system, where we had four classes, same classes every day, for an hour and thirty minutes.  It was crazy.  It made school a lot more enjoyable when you had classes you liked, and a lot more miserable when you had classes you didn’t like. 

what about high sex made it suck? I can feel more and it makes it easier to get off plus orgasms are great when you are high.

No, the 9 moth gap of no sex sucks.  

The high sex happened nearly two years ago, I’ve never had better sex since then.  

Hey, I'm just curious -- do most people prefer to consume during the day or at night? I often feel more buzzed and excited during the day, and chill and relaxed at night. What do you prefer?

That’s a good debate to have, let’s do it.   I like both, to be honest.  They both have their own merits of entertainment and comfort.

missesmajora said: The real question is, who is the guy on the left and where can I place an order of that? [6]

That is Stevie, Mrs. Majora.  That wonderful beefcake stud is Stevie.  And that Hard-Fucking-Core bad ass motherfucker in the middle is Shane.  
eric, we all know what stevie looked like, but we have no idea as to what you look like. so do us ents a favor and let us see what our new overlord look like?

Oh, but you do.  I have a few pictures with Stevie hidden deep within the recesses of this blog.  I have been a shadow-broker for a while in this little experiment.  muahahahahahahahahahahahaha.    

From my experience smoking while you have a mouth/throat/lung issue (especially an infection) is a TERRIBLE idea, I blazed up when I had a chest infection and It dropped my immune system enough for it to spread. Basically It came close to killing me, bad bad idea. but then its all down to your personal immune sytem and resistance, just be careful bro

Another contribution for the anon.  

Okay so my reply didn't go through, that anon asking about tongsilitis or whatever. I don't know if this is compareable but on the day of hetting my wisdom teeth removed i smoked like normal and nothing happened. The medicine is there to help your immune system hold its own while healing just in case. Its just a back up plan to make the healing process faster, less painful due to preventing infections etc.

Well there you go, Anon!  

Thank you very much for the help! :)

Hey, i got tonsillitis around 3 days ago and i'm on penicillin for it, my throat feels a lot better than it did and i just wondered if you knew/thought it would be alright to smoke pot on penicillin haha? peace x

Well, penicillin is used to fight infection, so what you want to be cautious of is if marijuana lowers your body’s immune system to allow for infection to take hold.   

I wouldn’t be too concerned with the reaction to the medication as I would the physical effects of having hot smoke pass over your infected tonsils.  I’m not a doctor, but that sounds painful.

It’s your choice, buddy.   Do some research, call your doctor and ask.  

OH MY FUCKING GOD ERIC i've been grounded for getting caught smoking. I haven't smoked in 2+ months… so explain to me why I just found about 1.5 of the dankest shit ever in my dads bathroom? Holy fuck, my dads a pothead.

Let me tell you a story about parenting.   This past summer, my stepmom told me that she smokes reefer.  This came at a surprise to me, for she has been married to a police officer for the past fifteen years.  She told me that she never wanted to let any of the kids in the family know (I have two adopted half brothers, one is 8, the other is 6).  Her reasoning behind this is that if you allow your child to grow up in a home free of punishment outside the law, they will begin to believe that they are free of punishment outside their home.  

You are the most important thing in your dad’s life, whether you believe that or not.  He wants to see you become the best you can be, I mean look in the mirror, you’re beautiful.  You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and he doesn’t want you to throw that away by raising you in an environment that accepts breaking the law. That will lead to a myriad of bad decisions, and eventually change your life in an adverse way. 

So take your punishment with grace, and when it’s over, have a nice mature talk about it with your dad.  

So Eric, let’s continue getting to know you.

What’s the best piece you’ve ever smoked out of?

Favourite place to smoke?

Weirdest/stupidest thing you’ve done high?

Blaze on space cowboy.

Well alright.   The best piece I ever had was the first one I ever bought.  it was this small all black pipe that had a whistle in it.  I called it Nat King Cole, because it was small, black, and it whistled.   My favorite spot is this tree off campus,  I like climbing it about twenty feet until I can see the skyline of the city.  It’s a nice view.  

The weirdest thing I’ve done high was confess to this girl that I liked her.  But it wasn’t as simple as just saying that; I was stoned, so it came out this jumbled mess of awkwardness. I’m not very good at talking to girls when sober, so being baked was a whole new level of stumbling and stuttering. 

Long-time follower. Sad to see old management depart, but I like ya so far buddy. Gotta gram of some O.G. on the way. Here's to you cocksucka!

Sweeeeeet.    Thanks, butt-fucker. 

Can you shout out my blog. c:


saying that out loud made me discover that your name is Caleb.  Toke on, Caleb.