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Two songs to listen to while cheezed: Sail - AWOLNATION, and Vampire Dub - Doctor P. Do it.
Dude, being a pizza delivery driver is one of the best jobs... ever. like, I AM the pizza man now. ME. that's me. I've got so many stories, I'll tell them later when I'm less stoned because goddaaaaamn this is hard to type.
I gotta be real for a minute. My dad has caught me twice, and I've been arrested once. I'm definitely staying off the sheeg until my charges are dropped, but my gramma talked to me about how disappointed she was when I was caught the second time. Do you think it appropriate for me to ever smoke again while I'm still living with my dad? Like, I move out in 2 years. And I wasn't smoking in the house, it's just the idea of smoking in general.

What I think you should do is sit down and talk with them about it. Tell them straight up that you enjoy smoking and how it makes you feel. Find a way to show them that the fact that you smoke weed doesn’t make you a bad person. Also, try to get them to sit and watch The Union. It’s probably the best documentary out there right now on the history and benefits of marijuana. I’ve heard countless stories of people changing their views on weed because of that movie. If you can’t get them to do that, learn up on everything yourself and tell them on your own.

That’s all so that they don’t think you’re some kind of evil criminal. As for smoking at the house, I say try to avoid it. It’s your dad’s house, you’re living under his roof, you gotta go by what he says unfortunately. If you go out with friends and smoke somewhere outside of your home, by all means do whatever you want! It seems like he’s gonna be watching you though so just stay away if you do decide to smoke.

My friends and I, for 4/20, decided to go to an airport playground that no one goes to with half an ounce and a pipe last night. Needless to say, we flew some motherfucking planes that night. Then we walked around downtown for a while. Then I bought a pound of burrito with double spicy meat on it and my god was it glorious.
Alright y’all, EmCeeGreevy’s gettin’ on some shit about 4/20.

I see a buncha dudes either saying “yahh, 4/20 is like an every day thing for me, y’all are posers.”

Fuck that. Seriously. Like, yeah, maybe a lot of people that don’t normally get high will indeed be taking part in the ganja, but that’s because 4/20 has become a special day in weed culture. So what if you smoke more weed than them? Big deal. Whee. That just means they get a better high because they’re tolerance is at full capacity. 

Weed is about chillin’ and bein’ together, not being better than others. 

Shit. Greevy’s at a [7]. I’m out. 

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Me, about a [9]
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Me, about a [9]

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What the fuck dude... My dad just threw out my bong, pipe, grinder and jar because I lit up on the back porch and in the bathroom... The two places where the smell is instantly liberated... Also I'm grounded for the rest of the spring break... and all of this following the fact that I was "allowed" to smoke? I need cheering up :(

Shit dude that’s horrible :(

RIP to your pieces my friend