Stoner Comics

What does the [#] mean?

These will explain.

I’m high. What should I watch/listen to?

Look through the Stoner Videos/Music section in the info. There’s plenty there that will keep you entertained :)

I submitted something and I haven’t seen it posted… Why is that?

I may have already posted it before you submitted it if it isn’t something you found online. I generally post submissions as soon as I see them, so if it hasn’t been posted in over a day, that’s a pretty safe assumption. Another thing that may have happened is that it may not have gone through. If you submit as a text submission, I won’t be able to see what you sent me, so try it again if you think that may have happened.

How do I roll a joint?

Read through this.

How do I roll a blunt?

Read through this.

How can I pass a drug test if I’ve smoked recently?


What’s up with all the pineapples?

They’re basically the symbol for r/trees, which is where I get a lot of my comics from. So the people make the comics and put pineapples all over them.