Stoner Comics

Amnesia update: Just had my first couple run ins with the monster guys. The first one happened when I was in this dark ass room and I’m going around opening doors looking around for shit and I open one and BAM. Out of fucking no where dude’s just charging after me. I’m trying to turn off the lantern but I’m freaking out at the same time so I ended up just turning it on and off a bunch of times plus I’m trying to run and control where I’m looking at the same time which didn’t go well. I ended up running while looking up at the ceiling so I couldn’t see shit, all while turning the lantern on and off really quick. I died within ten seconds haha.

Second time I was walking through the storage room where you get the explosives to blow up the rocks blocking some pathway. I just finished everything down there and was about to leave the area when I walk up the stairs to the main lobby of the storage area and sure enough, homeboy’s waiting for me at the top. My sanity was already pretty low and I guess seeing him just pushed it over the edge because suddenly I’m stumbling around and the camera just goes all over the place. Once again, while trying to run and control my view at the same time while panicing about the monster, I end up running and looking up at the ceiling and dying in like five seconds.

When I finally got off I was actually sweating. I love this game haha.