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Submitted by m1garand50

Submitted by m1garand50

stoned in a van listening to crunchy tunes
You seem to buy a new pipe biweekly. How many do you have?

It’s true. I honestly just love the feel of a bowl that fits perfectly in your hands and the look of them and everything. I have four right now. I’ll post a picture of them here in a second.

Ay, what comic did that guy talk shit on? I like your comics and if you want, M1 and his boys will roll deep as fuck on him. #1412MasenkoSquad

It was this one that one of my best friends submitted because he told me he was gonna start submitting dumb shit to see if I would post it haha. Not this time, but let this be a warning to anyone in the future. Now I got dem internet goons that’ll fuck you up for talkin shit #AKLoveThatKaKaSound

Ayyyy.... Do you prefer solo bowls or bowls shared with friends AND can you name some pros and cons of each?

I prefer shared. It’s just nice having someone there to experience the trip with you, plus you usually end up doing some pretty dumb shit that you get to laugh at each other with later on. One thing bad about it though is that one of the other people could be a total dick or something when they’re stoned, but that’s about it.

I do love solo tokes though. It’s nice being able to sit and enjoy your high and think about things without any kind of distractions. The only bad thing I can think of is that you don’t really have anyone there to enjoy it with.

Yo, might be a little late, but the new icon is perfect for this blog. That's all :3

Nah you’re fine. And yeah, as much as I love me some Gucci, too many people were confused by it and I felt that this one was a little more appropriate :)

Submitted by m1garand50

Submitted by m1garand50