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how to smoke in your bathroom!

i smoke in my bathroom often, and i personally think being high and hanging out in your house is one of the best things ever.

so i have compiled a how-to for people who wish to experience being high in your house :)

  • before you get the hang of it, begin practicing smoking in your bathroom when no one is home.
  • gather your materials and head to the bathroom!
  • play some music to relax you so you dont feel paranoid
  • spray a bit of air freshener. this way the air freshener will already be in the air when you smoke so it will mix with the smoke to help create a more natural smelling air.
  • turn on the vent in your bathroom. proceed to smoke, but smoke into the vent as best as you can. the more smoke that goes through the vent, the less that will stay behind and leave odor. also after taking a hit, hold the bowl, joint, blunt, bong, w.e, really close to the vent as well to catch the little bit of smoke that it emits.
  • ash in the toilet and flush
  • whenever you are ready,
  • open your bathroom door, leave the vent on and the door open
  • optional, add some more air freshener
  • open a window on the same floor as the bathroom
  • hide all your things, get in bed and enjoy!!!

you could also try this when everyone in your house is asleep. it’s risky but possible.

don’t use a bathroom your share with your parents! little siblings probably won’t take notice to any of the smells

i’ve never used a sploof but you could use one to lessen the risk

if you want to turn off the vent and close the window, i would suggest waiting two hours after smoking to do so

i think thats it. i really hope this helps people out!


Stoner ProTips

1: To put visine in, close your eyes, and put a drop in the corner of you eye by your nose, and then open your eye. Works every time.

2: Glass jars are by far the best to store weed in. Completely smell proof, and keeps weed fresh.

3: If low on weed, do not smoke joints. Gravity bongs are probably the most efficient, as well as bongs.

4: Pipe cleaners are good for cleaning pipes

5: You can use a disc above a bowl to pack, by just sliding the weed through the hole.

6: If you dont have a grinder, a pill container with your weed, and a penny in it work as a good alternative. Shake as needed. Penny will do the rest. Also, use one container to do this. It will gather kief on the sides, and when you put more weed in, it will com out with a bit of extra kief on it. (Kief idea credited to: AHerdOfKenyans)

7: Put a couple drops of vegetable oil in with your bong water. It will keep resin from sticking to your bong.

8: Put a ping pong ball in a gravity bong, in order to keep water from splashing up

9: If smoking a bowl with kief, sandwich the kief in the middle of two layers of weed. Minimal kief will be lost.

10: Drinking or eating things with mangoes, makes you higher.

11: Take the safety from your lighter off, ahead of time. You do not want to have to when you are high.. trust me.

12: A last (let me say that again) last, resort for hiding something on the go, say with your mom in a car, is to put whatever you are hiding into a few socks.

13: You can wrap your hempwick around a piece of yours.

14: Take a break after taking your first hit. It will save you weed, as usually it takes a few minutes for the high to kick in.

15: Add a quarter, or even better, a ball bearing to the top of the screen in your grinder, to knock the most kief off.

16: Tin foil, not good. Glass, good.

17: To end your munchies, eat something minty, or brush your teeth.

18: Save .1 grams from every session. Do not smoke until you absolutely need to.

19: If you get ash on your pants, to not touch it. BLOW IT OFF

20: Put a magnet on your bong, and VOILA, lighter holder.

21: Use a stem as a makeshift piece of screen if your bowl has too big of a hole

22: Bobby pins make good roach clips

23: Use code words, especially when texting

24: The back of a flashlight can be good to hide weed in.

25: Put an MFLB into an average sized cup from a fast food restaurant, and put the straw from the cup into it… steath toke away.

26: Do not drive high, ever.

27: Bring spare clothes

28: Wash hands after each sesh

29: Do not use axe or that sort of deodorant to get rid of smell. Parents will notice and become suspicious.

30: Sploofs work good for in house smoking

31: Put felt pads on the bottom of your bong to avoid clanking, as well a scratching furniture.

32: Put eye drops in before you smoke. They last a few hours, and will save you the hassle when you are high.

33: Store you bowl in a glass jar, will reduce smell multiple times over.

34: If driving with weed, store it on the outside of you gas tank.

35: Iso rubbing alcohol and rock salt in a big with a piece, and a couple shakes, with an hour or two, will clean your piece completely.

32-35 are credited to: amizez

36: If you live in Minnesota, and have weed in your car, put it in your trunk. You cant get jail time.[1] (credited to OfficialTroll)

37: If your thumb starts to hurt from lighting your lighter, there is a simple fix… light a candle, and now al you have to do is hold your lighter up to it while releasing butane. (Hold trigger down)


How I safely transport a packed bowl.

How I safely transport a packed bowl.

Stoner ProTip: Put a ping pong ball in the bottle of your gravity bong to prevent water from shooting up to your mouth.

Stoner ProTip: Put a ping pong ball in the bottle of your gravity bong to prevent water from shooting up to your mouth.

Stoner Protip: Glue a quarter to the bottom of your lighter to stop bowls from cherrying, wasting weed, and creating excess smoke

Stoner Protip: Glue a quarter to the bottom of your lighter to stop bowls from cherrying, wasting weed, and creating excess smoke