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We wander, passing though this universe. we have an ability to ground ourselves on anything that exist in the cosmos around us, yet we are bound to these body’s. planetary explores, with the ultimate potential of the bending of space and time are forever locked in out biological and physical potential. its ironic that the body so many people place as the highest priority, is im fact mankind’s ultimate potential.
i'm pretty high in class right now. i always sit in the back and my prof is pretty soft spoken. i'm taking notes on my computer. i couldn't hear him well and my first instinct was to turn up the volume on my laptop.
I play saxophone in the jazz band at my school and we had this African dude come in to our class to show us some African music, my part had this weird solo in it that I just couldn't do. One day after school we had rehearsal for like 3 hours than a two hour break and then more rehearsing. During the break my friends and I went to go smoke to "get the creative juices flowing," we ripped bong and went back to the rehearsal BAKED, I nailed my solo for the first time and everyone was pumped
I love just being alone when I'm high sometimes. It's like exploring the world with a new mind, seeing things differently. I feel like I understand so much more when I'm stoned. I'm seriously having a love affair with bud <3
If you want to rig up a vapo, then take a lightbulb. Break off the bottom part, knock all the shit in, then empty it out. Throw salt in the bulb and swirl it until it is devoid of white shit. Dump it out. Stick in your weed, screw a 2-liter bottle cap with a pen through it onto the end of the bulb, and carefully hold a flame under the glass, rotating and spinning the bowl until you see vape. Yes, it's a ghetto crack pipe, before you ask. No, I am not a tweaker.

*hollowed out pen

One of my friends actually told me how he did that back home. I wouldn’t recommend it because I’m sure there’re a shit ton of chemicals you’re still inhaling with that but if you’re gonna do it anyways at least be sure to clean it out reallllllllllllllly well before trying it. Also, don’t hold the flame under it too long or it’ll burn the weed and make it smell like you’re smoking which is pretty much why you’re most likely vaping in the first place.

vaping? vapor? que? no RA eyebrows?! EXPLAIN?!?!?!

Basically, what a vaporizer does is heat the weed to the point where only the THC (what gets you high) is burned and inhaled. It makes less of an odor then actually smoking and is usually more of a head high than a body high like you get from regular smoking. In addition to that, the already vaped bud (AVB) is then orally activated meaning you can throw it in nutella or some shit and eat it and you’ll be nice and toasty.

I thought I would share that I got into a really bad place with my dealer. I just like to smoke the reefers and he was trying to get me on all this other stuff. I’ve been going to him since I was 14 (21 now) and this all happened super recently so it was a bit of a shock and of course I was startled. I ended up telling my mom about it because I was so shaken up and a day later I got a phone call from my grandmother. In broken Spanish she tells me, “Mija, don’t go back to that guy ever. Your mom told me everything. I’m your new dealer now. Free of charge. I got an 8th waiting for you next time you visit.” I had absolutely no idea she smoked. And that is the story of how my 70 year old lesbian stoner grandmother became my pot dealer. I swear I am not lying.


My mexican non-stoner straight grandmother calls me mijo. I love her.

Kinda related to your last message, I got a speeding ticket at a 9 once. I almost shat myself. Now whenever hip hop with sirens in the background comes on in the car, I have a mini panic attack.
SS: my brother's playing a video game with police sirens in it. I'm at a solid 8, and this game is about the worst thing right now. I'm going to sit in my closet and smoke until it stops.
Stoner blog

when you’re high and on your own, you always want to share the most exciting news. like this weekend, me and my girl were high and kept coming up with ideas that (we thought in our high frames of mind) could change the world or would at least offer some key insights into life. this place allows those ideas to have their respected lights cast upon them for the enjoyment of fellow stoners. this blog is the accumulation of all things pot and consequently all things awesome. my day’s plans consist of getting higher than those above the influence and dwelling in the grand ol’ ideas this wonderful stoner community comes up with. stay calm and hit the bong, my friends.



I smoked spice ones and i shit my pants, i didn't realize until someone told me. That shit is so stupid.
I'm a happy stoner, you're a happy stoner. I'm so glad we all get along<333333333
sending so many good vibes! i'm happy and you should be too, you're breathing and alive (hopefully stoned) and that's all you can really ask for (:

Unfortunately not right now but it’s all good. It’s great to be high but I love to be sober!

Aw man, Stevie, if I may call you that since we don't know each other personally, I love your blog. It connects everybody in like, this perfect harmony, and that guy that just posted before me, as he's sending out his love, I'm sending out -my- love to everybody. Also, my dog is like, sleeping almost half off my bed, and I'm like, "hao is he doin' that" Cause seriously, what... Anyway, Thanks for being such a cool cat. ;) See what I did there?

Nah it’s cool! I was thinking the same thing with that last sst. Everyone’s sending in all their negative spice stories and then somewhere in the world some random guy stoned off his ass is sitting in their bedroom on their computer listening to music with some goofy grin and sent that in. It made me happy haha.

I just need to tell the world that I just smoked some amazing stuff. And I am so happy. So stoked on this music I'm listening to. I'm so alive and my brain is exploding with the passion for everything I love. And my love goes out to everyone <3