Stoner Comics
I had felt as if my plane of consciousness had shifted beyond that of being stoned, and alertness was never to be found. It was like being in a dream that you can't control. After a novel of thoughts rose, i began to felt a physical sort of affect. My stomach was not happy, i was not hungry or full, and it wanted neither. My head started to hurt, like a minor headache. I was just in terrible shape for any occasion. Moral of the story, fuck spice. And don't even get me started on Salvia.
I felt the neurotransmitters bind with the cannabinoid receptors (wich accepts neurotransmitters from all drugs, and more) starting with the frontal lobe. I felt fine at first. This comfort vanished when my plane of conscious drifted radically. I felt like i was on a totally different spectrum than on pot. I had completely forgotten that we had to return to school, that i even had school, and i was a fucking dunce in my psychology class!
Sorry i couldn't submit this my phone is dumb. Okay so i tried spice about two years ago during schoolbhours because i was a hard ass. It was the lunch hour, which lasted 45 minutes. I had always smoked my lunch in the form of pot though. My boyfriend and some other friends of ours left campus to get high like always. We loaded some spice, smoked it until it was history then went back to school. Immediately, i felt the typical chemical reaction that came with pot. To be continued.
well here's a spice story of mine. i was at a friend's waiting for some bud to be delivered to me and my friend got some of her mom's shake and i took one hit of it. after about two minutes everything turned red and i ended up on the floor in sit-up position rubbing my boobs for an hour. i was like stuck in my own dream or s/t idk man i was trippin out. anyways i ended up throwing up and i had the worst headache of my life so don'T SMOKE FAKE BAKE OK GUISE
personal spice experience.

my only experience with spice was, thankfully, not a first-person experience. my sister smoked it once in a while during the time she lived in my apartment. this particular afternoon, she got into the shower and smoked spice - i did not now til later.

next thing i know, she is standing in the hallway in a towel, pupils blown, lips white, with conditioner still in her hair. she goes to her bedroom. a second later, she calls my name. when i come in, she goes into a full blown panic attack and what i’m assuming to be a horrible trip because of it. she is whiter than i’d ever seen, and she can’t stop dry-heaving. she cannot grasp reality and though i can glean the ideas she expresses to me, she’s pretty much speaking gibberish. her hands keep flailing as she tries to tell me what’s happening to her.

i had to lay her back on the bed and try not to freak out - i have never even considered using this shit. i’m ready to call an ambulance, my dad, somebody. i’m trying to plan how to dress her in case. i keep instructing her to breathe, deep and slow, and remember that it’s going to be over soon. it was a horrible feeling, watching her shake and cry and try to breathe normally while there’s nothing much i can do but wait with her.

i finally took her to the bathroom in case she wanted to try throwing up again, and i set her up with a pillow and blanket. after falling asleep for close to 45 minutes, she finally wakes up and is free from the trip. as far as i know, she hasn’t touched spice since. please do not fuck with that stuff. if you want a trip, take a controlled dose of a legitimate psychedelic - otherwise just stick to marijuana. nothing good comes of spice.


Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Spice

One time I smoked AK-47. Not only did I end up getting lost for two hours on what was supposed to be a 5 minute walk to Taco Bell in the middle of the North Carolinian woods, but I also ended up asking my friends who were fucking in a car if I could jump in, hitting on my ex in front of my (then) boyfriend, and be an overall shit person. Weed doesn’t make you do that. I sit in a corner and realize what’s good about the world when I smoke weed. 

Besides, it’s practically meths cousin. 

I honestly don’t understand how it’s legal and weed isn’t. 


No idea either… I know a lot of head shops are refusing to sell it which is awesome but yeah even the dude who created it said you’d have to be fucking stupid to smoke it.

My spice story.

Basically some friends had some and we were in hyde park already quite high (on reg. weed). Someone passed me a joint (which had black mamba in it), I took about 5 tokes overall.
After about 3 minutes it hit, my whole body was vibrating, I was apparently shaking my head and pushing it into my knees repeatedly.
People kept coming over and asking if I was alright, saying I was pale, looked ill etc.

After about 5 minutes of buzzing I got over the feeling and it started getting boring, eventually paranoia hit me and I started get shit scared, and I wanted the high to wear off.

Just don’t do black mamba. It will fuck you up.


7th Heaven Marijuana Episode

So like, I was looking up the summary of that episode (without having to watch it) for a term she uses, “stuck”, which I VIVIDLY remember, because it was the first exposure to marijuana for me in pop culture that I was cognizant of. Holy crap, there’s a Z in that word. I never knew that (it literally took me like, 2 minutes to figure out the spelling of that word).

Anyway, so like, I’m looking at a summary and like, Look at how hilarious this is.

In their bedroom, Eric confronts Annie about the joint. Eric thinks that it is Matt’s because he was eating cookies, but Annie also points out Mary’s bloodshot eyes and Lucy burning incense. ”

Alright, so right there, we see that they’re trying to find out “who’s high”, and the reasoning of why to suspect each kid was: 1. Bloodshot eyes from allergies. 2. Eating cookies. 3. burning incense.

Like, that doesn’t sound harmful at all. If those are the “reasons” to assume one is high, those reasons are not dangerous to society or one’s self.

That’s pretty hilarious, actually. 

And another thing I noticed is that their kids names are Mary and Lucy. Kinda ironic and funny. 

Also, I didn’t find out if they used “stuck” or not in the script or if it was bleeped out on the tv (lol). Owel. 


Hahaha nice detective work dude!

Ohh man, I started making a weird face that looked like e3e and I was at about a [9] and I was just walking around house with that dumb face and my mom asked why I had that face and I just said because it feels right. And wow.. I like sunny D. bye <3
my life was an above the influence commercial. i was smoking a joint in my backyard and my dog kept walking up to me, smelling the smoke and sadly walking away. like he was ashamed of me. and he was telepathically telling me "dude, look what you've become. you're not the same anymore" and the whole time i was like what the fuck. i am television. and then i kept smoking.
Marijuana helps with my menstraul
one time i was at an [9], and my friend and I sat at the xbox dashboard thinking it was the Netflix movie selection screen, took us two and a half hours to realize that we are at the xbox dashboard scrolling through the menu.
So my dogs name is Chief and he was born on 4/20. My dog has always been one to eat my hemp for when I make necklaces, but last night he decided to take it to a new level. My brother returned home from college at Berkley and upon his arrival my mom asked him to bring down a few things. One of those things was cannabutter, well the tub of it opened up in his backpack and ended up spilling, and my dog decided to go eat it. Today my yellow lab is stoned. Wish I was him.
Something I found on my desktop entitled “Stoned Thoughts”

I can feel the high right behind my nose. Everything feels dull and muted and light. I don’t feel heavy. I feel up and up and light and light and floaty. The capability to frown has been lost. I feel gret. I am high.

Fuzzy muted lights. Dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance

That drawing looks like buttholes are forming in the cosmic foam